Cherne is uniquely positioned to deliver innovative cost- and schedule-focused solutions for heavy industrial and mechanical projects of all types. Our expert teams are able to provide full-service contracting and professional engineering services in an integrated fashion with our project staff and partners, ensuring full-lifecycle project delivery. This integrated approach drives Cherne’s ability to influence greater certainty for cost and schedule outcomes, all the while maintaining the highest standards for safety and quality.


We have the capability to install the complicated piping systems and equipment required by today’s technologically advanced processes. We routinely install and weld carbon steel and high alloy piping systems. We also have the capability to qualify welders and welding procedures in accordance with all applicable codes and standards.


Our equipment specialists perform the heavy rigging operations and assembly required to install major equipment. We have the means to install heavy equipment such as process reactors and heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) and have the skills required to assemble precision machinery such as combustion turbines, steam turbines and high-speed compressors.

Electrical and Instrumentation

We provide the full spectrum of electrical and instrumentation services required on today’s complex heavy industrial projects. We manage the complete installation process, from calibration to loop check, and use a team of ISA certified technicians to perform loop check and verification procedures in accordance with our advanced turnover process providing for safe orderly facility start-up.

Civil and Structural

We perform excavation, backfill and foundation placement on green-field and retrofit projects under the most demanding conditions. We erect structural steel of all types, and we have the quality assurance programs and personnel to perform bolting and welding operations in compliance with all applicable codes and regulations.


Our insulation services group has considerable experience with insulation systems of all types of applications.


Our self-perform scaffolding capabilities include the management of direct-hire labor and the supply of scaffold materials. This enhances our ability to support our other disciplines of construction efficiently, without the need to manage a third-party supplier or subcontractor. Our scaffold program targets building it one time and utilizing it for all trades as needed before disassembly.


Cherne can integrate construction expertise into the early phases of project development to establish cost and schedule certainty. Through early contractor involvement, we:

  • Build integrated project schedules that factor in engineering, procurement and construction
  • Optimize project controls with early development of work breakdown structures, cost controls and risk evaluations
  • Develop transparent, realistic estimates in the preconstruction stage
  • Identify cost-saving opportunities with a team of builders, who collectively focus on modularization/prefabrication, constructability and logistics